Tire Change Service

Your car is made up of several important parts. However, because the tires come in direct contact with the road, things can get extremely dangerous very quickly when there is something wrong with your tires.

At South Trail Kia, we have a full tire service department that inspects and changes your tires to ensure that you are able to stay safe on the road. Here is a look at the different things that our tire department can do for you.

Expert Tire Changes

Driving on damaged tires can be extremely dangerous. If you feel that your tires may have some damage to them, we can find you the perfect replacement tire and replace the bad tire in a timely manner.

There are a few different things to look for to determine if your tires need to be changed which include:

• Cracks, bulges, or holes in the tire
• Unexplained vibration when driving down a newly paved road
• Exposed fabric chords or metal wire in the sidewall of the tire
• The tire is over six years old

If the tread of the tire looks worn down, or if the tire looks smooth, you need to have your tires changed immediately. Tire tread should be more than 2/32nds of an inch deep. A good way to test the tread depth is to take a penny and stand it up on its side inside of the tread. If the Queens's head is visible, it is time to have your tires changed.

Tire Rotation

A tire should be rotated around every six months or so. If you do not rotate your tire regularly, the tread can wear down on one side, which will shorten the lifespan of your tire.

Tire Balancing

While it is important to have your tires rotated, it is equally important to have them balanced as well. When you have all four wheels balanced, you will notice a smoother riding experience and your drive train will also perform better.

Tire Repair

We can efficiently and quickly repair your tire. If you notice any punctures in the tread or other minor damage to the tire, we will fix the damage and ensure that the tire is able to hold the proper amount of air pressure in the tire.

Tire Inspection

We can give your tires a thorough inspection to ensure that they are safe and reliable. We have a wide range of specialized tools that allow us to accurately measure the tread on the tire and check the tire pressure.

Tire Season

Some tires were specially designed to perform better during certain seasons. For example, summer tires are meant for temperatures above 7 degrees. And winter tires perform better when the temperature is below 7 degrees. We have a wide range of season tires and can help you pick out the proper tire to tackle certain situations.

Free Storage

When you are not using your summer or winter tires, you can store them in our climate-controlled storage facility. We have a large facility that can keep your tires safely and securely stored away until you need them.

Price Match Guarantee

We pride ourselves on offering the best prices to all of our customers. That is why we offer a price match guarantee. If you can find a cheaper price for the exact same tire that we sell, just let us know and we will be more than happy to sell the tire to you for the less expensive price.