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Are you looking to get into a brand new Kia this year but, not sure what to do with your current vehicle? Why not consider trading it in? Your local Kia dealer makes trading in your current car, truck, or SUV a snap. Plus, working with a Kia dealer means you'll experience the same honest and up-front pricing as you would when buying a brand new Kia. If you're still not sure, however, here are answers to some of the most common questions when it comes to trading in a vehicle.

How do I Learn the Trade-in Value of My Current Vehicle?

Your Kia dealer will use the Kelly Blue Book as a guide for appraising your vehicle. To get an idea of what to expect, go to the KBB website and answer several questions about your vehicle. Have its mileage, options, and engine size handy for an accurate quote. If you're unsure of some questions, plug in the Vehicle Identification Number and KBB will do the rest.

How Do I Determine My Vehicles Condition?

The Kelly Blue Book site has a wizard that will help you determine the most accurate trade-in value for your vehicle. Your Kia dealer will also explain the valuation process and answer any questions you might have.

Does My Trade-In Need to be in a Certain Condition?

Most dealers will accept a trade-in in any condition. Remember, of course, vehicle condition plays a large role in determining trade-in value.

Can I Trade in a Vehicle with an Outstanding Loan?

Kia dealers accept trade-ins with outstanding loans all of the time. They can even help you if somehow you owe more than the vehicle is worth but, things go much easier if you have some equity built up in your trade-in.

Are There Any Fees Involved in a Trade In?

In general, dealers do not charge specific fees tied to the trade-in transaction. Sometimes, certain documentation fees may apply to new car sales but, expect your Kia dealer to provide a complete breakdown of any associated charges.

Can I Ask for More Money if I Feel the Book Value is Too Low?

Your Kia Salesperson will be happy to negotiate the best deal they can for you.

Why Is Dealer Trade-in Value Less than Private Sale Value of My Vehicle?

Depending on the vehicle and its condition, a dealer may either put your trade-in on its used car lot or sell it at auction. This means it must be thoroughly inspected, reconditioned, and any issues must be addressed. Also, occasionally the dealer finds something wrong with the trade-in after the deal is completed and must rectify the problem at their expense. New car buyers often find that the simplicity and security of selling their vehicle back to the dealer easily outweigh any difference in price.

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