EV - Power, Range, and Charging

How much power does an electric car use?

Just like gasoline or diesel engine cars, the consumption of electric cars depends on the model and the manufacturer. However, we don’t talk about “liters per one hundred kilometers”, but about “kilowatt hours per one hundred kilometers”.

It is difficult to calculate the exact consumption of an electric car, because numerous factors have to be taken into account. However, the cost in electricity per 100 kilometers is well below $5 (or even below $4 for some vehicles).


What is the pump price?

Most electric vehicles can cover up to 100 kilometers with 15 kWh. Their low energy loss makes means that they are not very energy intensive. While petrol or diesel engines convert a maximum of 35 % of this energy into driving force, an electric car reaches 90 % and more.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to determine how much it costs to “fill up with electricity”, i.e. to recharge a battery, because:

  • the price per kWh varies depending on the supplier chosen;
  • the consumption of the vehicle depends on its range, the capacity of its battery and the type of driving.

However, it can be estimated that the cost in electricity for one hundred kilometers is well below $5 (or even $4 for certain vehicles). So it is lower than that of internal combustion engines for the same distance.

Example of annual consumption

Let’s take the case of a driver who does 20,000 km/year:

Gasoline Vehicle Electric Vehicle
average consumption : 10L/100 km 20 kWh/100 km
average price : $1.679/L 7.99¢/kWh
Annual total : $3,358.00 $319.60

(prices above are based on Petro-Canada rates and ENMAX fixed rate 3-year term in Calgary Alberta as of March 30, 2022)

But even if this quick calculation argues in favor of electricity, let’s not forget that electric cars are still slightly more expensive to buy.  However, in the long-term electric vehicles will save you money.






Charging Websites and Applications

Here is a list of websites and applications for EV Charging Stations.  Make sure to plan your driving routes ahead of time if you are planning to drive long trips outside of the city.



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