Your FAQs for Transmission Replacements

Your FAQs for Transmission Replacements

Transmission replacements can be a tricky thing to navigate. You certainly aren't in a position to perform one yourself but luckily for you, the technicians at South Trail Kia are experts in their field and can take care of your transmission in no time at all. We've taken a moment to gather your most frequently asked questions about transmission replacements here to help you better understand what one is, how to recognize when you might need one, and what your options are.

Q: Should I replace my transmission or get a new car?

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A: It depends. It's almost always less expensive to repair your current vehicle than to purchase a new one. That being said, replacing a transmission is a costly endeavour and the money you'd spend on replacing your transmission would make a nice downpayment on a new vehicle if you're okay to make the rest of the payments. Also consider how much a new vehicle depreciates in a year (approximately 22%). Your current vehicle has already taken that hit, so it may be worth investing more money into it. Ultimately, the choice is up to you.

Q: Can you fix a transmission without replacing it?

A: Again, it depends. If you're only fixing one specific part of the transmission then yes, it is possible and way more affordable than a full replacement. However, if too much damage has been done to your transmission, this won't be an option.

Q: When should I replace my transmission?

A: Obviously, you'll need to replace your transmission if it has failed completely. Aside from that, some other factors to consider are transmission mileage, repair history, and overall vehicle condition. When it comes to mileage, automatic transmissions fail around 130,000 km and soon if it's a manual. If your transmission has already undergone a few repairs, either multiple times for the same issue or a few different parts in the last 12 months, you'd be better off not dumping money into a repair and getting a replacement instead. When it comes to overall vehicle condition, consider how many kilometres are on your vehicle, how much you've already spent in repairs, and whether or not you're prepared to sink another few thousand dollars into a new transmission. However, if it's the only issue you have with your vehicle, it's more worth it to replace.

Q: What are some common transmission problems?

A: When it comes to transmissions, some common problems are as follows:
• Lack of response
• Whining, clunking, humming
• Leaking or low fluid
• Grinding or shaking
• Burning smell
• Refuses to go into gear
• Check engine light
• Transmission is noisy in neutral
• Gears slipping
• Dragging clutch
• OBD2 trouble codes

Ultimately, the choice is yours whether you want to repair or replace your transmission or if you'd prefer to purchase a new vehicle entirely. If you have any concerns about your vehicle's transmission, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at the South Trail Kia Service Centre to take a look under the hood for you. We'd also be happy to discuss your options and let you know how much repairs and replacements would cost before you make your decision so you aren't blindsided by a bill later. At South Trail Kia, we're always here to help you make the best choice for yourself and your vehicle.



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