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Winter Wipers for Cold Weather


Winter Wipers for Cold Weather

For a good portion of the year your windshield wipers only get used occasionally for the intermittent rainstorm or to wipe a bug off the window, but during the winter months, your wiper can take a beating between the snow, ice, and salt everywhere. With all that mess to clean up wiper blades can get worn out and cracked which in turn means a messy windshield for you.

A great solution to this dilemma is a pair of winter wiper blades. Winter blades have a protective covering over them keeping any unwanted snow or ice from building up. They are also designed specifically for cold weather so they will last out there even in the worst snowstorms.

If you have the same old fair weather wipers on your car, then come down to South Trail Kia in Calgary and have our professional staff get you squared away before a heavy storm leaves you snow-blind.

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