Why Should You Buy Used Cars from a Dealership?

Why Should You Buy Used Cars from a Dealership?

If you're looking to buy a used car, you have a choice. You can browse the classifieds to find a private buyer, or take a trip to your local dealership. Which option should you choose? Savvy car buyers know that a dealership makes a better choice than a private sale, for seven excellent reasons.


1) More Choice


When you buy from a used car dealership, you'll have a wider range of models to choose from. Most of the inventory will be made up of trade-in cars, and there'll be a large variation in the types of models available. If you're looking for luxury, you can find it. Or if you want a low-cost daily drive, it's all there under one roof.


2) Save Time


And at a used dealership you can check out several potential purchases in one session, saving time and effort compared to touring around multiple private sellers before settling on the vehicle you want.


3) A Safer Purchase


When you buy from a private seller, you have little or no comeback if the car turns out to have problems a few months down the line. A used dealership can offer more security and peace of mind. Most used dealerships offer comprehensive pre-sale checks to guarantee quality, and also optional warranties to cover any repairs or faults which might arise after the sale.


4) Great Service


Any used car dealer wants to build a reputation for honesty, value, and reliability. If they have unhappy customers, word will spread and the business will soon be in trouble. This translates into a much higher level of service compared to a private seller, whose interest in the deal usually ends once the sale is completed.


5) Trade-In Options


Used car dealerships can offer great trade-in terms for your current car when you want to upgrade. You can take your old car to the dealership and drive a new vehicle away on the same day, without the hassle and delays of selling your old car privately.


6) Negotiate a Price


Used dealerships will post an attractive sticker price on their cars to encourage a quick sale, but that's not the end of the story. Car dealers are happy to negotiate on price or optional extras to secure the deal, compared to a private seller who will usually have a fixed price in mind which they won't deviate from.


7) Easy Financing


Lastly, a used car dealership can arrange finance on favourable terms as part of their sales package. With a private seller, you'll need to save up the full purchase price or negotiate a loan with your bank. With a dealership, finance can be quick, easy, and affordable, even if your credit rating isn't perfect.


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