Why Is Everyone in Canada Buying Kia?

Why Is Everyone in Canada Buying Kia?

Kia Canada Best Ever Month



Despite the declining market in auto sales during the pandemic, Kia Canada is reporting their best month ever in its over 20 year history in Canada for the month of June! This follows on the heels of a very strong May where they achieved their best ever share of 5.2%. As Canadians continue to embrace the Kia lineup, this positions Kia to potentially take the title of Top Selling Car Brand in Canada. So, why does it seem like everyone in Canada is suddenly buying a Kia over every other OEM in the Canadian market? We at South Trail Kia have a few ideas as to why this is the case. As your local Kia dealership in Calgary, we're always excited about the Kia brand and we want others to be as well, so having Kia climbing the ranks in popularity in Canada is a huge achievement worth celebrating! Let's take a look at what Kia is doing that sets it apart to be a top selling car brand in Canada.


Selection is Everything


As with pretty much every product you want someone to buy, offering a lot of choice is everything. Buyers like to have a lot of options so they never feel like they're settling for something because as we all know "good enough" is never actually good enough. The Kia lineup delivers a lot of variety, from the Stinger to the Sportage, there's something for everyone in the Kia lineup. Kia offers a wide range of vehicles to choose from, including compact cars like the Rio and Forte5, hybrids like the Soul EV and Niro EV, full size sedans like the Optima, sporty SUVs like the Sportage and Sorento, and even a minivan options like the Sedona.


Hot New Additions to the Lineup


In the past, Kia was quite car-heavy with its offering but is introducing more sport utility vehicles to the lineup such as the Telluride and the all-new Seltos. SUVs appear to be the more popular choice for buyers these days, so having a diverse range of options is definitely helping increase sales numbers. In addition, the aforementioned Kia Seltos has been winning over the hearts of Canadians since it's market launch at the beginning of May and taking the second place position in Kia's overall sales. These additions to the traditionally dominated Sportage and Sorento lineup offer a refreshing choice, not to mention the Telluride is quite large, providing an alternative to the Sedona when you need more space. Offering hybrid and electric vehicles into an already stacked lineup isn't hurting sales either, with the increase in popularity attached to vehicles with a greener footprint.


Award Winning


It also doesn't hurt to have multiple vehicles in the lineup winning awards. The Kia Telluride took home the Best Large Utility Vehicle in Canada for 2020 by AJAC while the Stinger won AJAC's 2019 Canadian Car of the Year. As the COO of Kia Canada states, "[t]he success of Kia Canada is seeing is a reflection of Canadians' desire for uncompromising quality, leading design and innovative technology.


So there you have it. Quality, diversity, and exciting new additions are the keys to winning the hearts of Canadian vehicle buyers, not to mention Kia truly embodying their slogan "The Power to Surprise," and never disappointing.

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