Which is Better: Official Dealership or Shop Service? Pros and Cons Explained

Which is Better: Official Dealership or Shop Service? Pros and Cons Explained

Servicing and repairs can be a costly and time-consuming procedure for any car. However, when the need arises, you need to choose between a dealership and a service shop. While there are benefits to each option, we'll discuss the pros and cons of both and help you evaluate which one fits your needs best.


What is the Pricing Like?


Dealerships tend to cost more, mainly due to higher overhead and operating costs. As such, mechanic service shops are more friendly for your budget. However, there are several factors that go into this lower price, making proper research is a must before visiting the shop.


However, this isn’t always the case when getting repairs done. As mechanics and service shops differ, so will the pricing. The dealership may be a better option for more advanced issues in certain circumstances. Plus, revisiting auto shops for repairs due to misdiagnosis can quickly pile up bills.


Who's More Reliable?

When it comes to reliability, official dealerships are a better option to visit. Training is more standardized and regulated, ensuring the mechanic that works on your car knows what to look for and the most efficient solution to the issue. With service shops and, more notably, mechanics, training and prior experiences are ranged and will affect the quality of work done.


Certifications and education are available for mechanics, ensuring they know how to repair the issues you're facing and correctly service your vehicle. Experience working on different cars can be valuable but may not always be the best option. When it comes to more complicated issues, should they arise, it's often best to visit a dealership with more experience and expertise with your car.


Dealership or Shop, Which One is a Better Experience?


As for the customer service experience, a mechanic is often the better pick over a dealership. Many dealerships may not have enough time to cater to every need due to the higher number of clients needing servicing or repairs. Meanwhile, a mechanic can often walk you through and explain the various paths forward for your car's issue.


If you're a return customer, it's easier to build a relationship with your mechanic. Additionally, you'll know who's working on your car, whereas at a dealership, they have a number of technicians, leaving you in the dark. 


It's important to remember a dealership is a place of sales, and even the technicians may try to upsell you on servicing packages. Working on commission, there's more motivation for the technician to get you to spend money than a mechanic who gets paid directly for their work.


Where Can I Get the Original Parts?

As an official shop of the brand, dealerships are more likely to have the original parts you need already in stock when maintaining and repairing your car. Additionally, they’ll use components that support your warranty and service plan, ensuring it's easy to show your car's service history if you sell it in the future. Using OEM parts ensures your vehicle will run at maximum efficiency, as they're the same parts used in the production of your car.


Mechanics and service shops may not use the OEM parts you need and may offer aftermarket productions of the same part that may vary in quality. However, there are many mechanic shops that offer Original parts or can acquire them at a higher fee and longer wait time. 


Another alternative when it comes to sourcing parts is second-hand spare parts. These spares come out of vehicles and have already been used. However, many mechanics are not fond of using second-hand parts because the component has no warranty or guarantee.


Which One is More Convenient?


Visiting a dealership can be more convenient when it comes to valuing your time. You don't need to search for a reliable mechanic and check reviews before going to their shop. However, a dealership may be busy and take longer per visit than a mechanic.


With better experience and education, the technician will likely quickly diagnose the issue and get you back on the road faster. While you may still need to leave your vehicle at the shop, it’ll often be a shorter period before you can drive it back home. However, as dealerships are busier than mechanics, it may take longer before they begin work on your car to diagnose the issue.


Mechanics are often more available than official dealerships, as there are more shops owned by various mechanics and, at times, fewer customers. This availability will get your car seen sooner and can compensate for the longer time to service or repair your vehicle, potentially getting it back to you sooner.


Overall, Which Option is Better?

There are benefits to visiting the dealership or finding a reliable service shop with skilled technicians. As the age-old adage says, "You get what you pay for." this idea holds true regarding the reliability and capability of the technicians repairing your vehicle. 


Visiting the dealership ensures that someone skilled at working on your car's brand diagnoses and resolves the issue. This expertise may be more costly but can result in quicker access to the needed parts and a higher quality of service.


If you know a reliable mechanic, picking the mechanic for repairs and services can be a great option. It's easier to build a relationship and often cheaper. However, ordering parts may leave you waiting for repairs, even if the mechanic isn't busy. They can only start work on your car once they get the needed component.


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