How to tell when your car needs a tune up

How to tell when your car needs a tune up

Maintenance is a key component to ensuring your car stays in excellent operating condition. From oil changes to tune-ups to tire rotations, there are many routine tasks that need to be completed regularly. A tune-up is one such task that must be kept up with so that your vehicle will stay running smoothly for many years to come. How can you tell when your car needs a tune up though? Are there any signs you should be on the look out for? Let's explore this further with some helpful tips for your car's tune-up.


When Do You Need A Tune Up?

A Tune Up?

The timing of when you'll need a tune-up depends on the year of your car. Older vehicles needed tune-ups about every 10,000 to 12,000 miles, which is just a little longer from how often you need an oil change.

However, the newer vehicles that have electronic ignition and fuel injection systems can go much longer. On the low side, you may need a tune-up with these type every 25,000. Some of the vehicles can even go up to 100,000 miles. If you're unsure, you can consult your owner's manual for more information. Additionally, there will be some signs you should look for that indicate you need a tune-up.

How To Tell When Your Car Needs A Tune Up

You may be wondering -- what are the signs you should look out for when determining if your car needs a tune up? Here are three signs that indicate it's time for a tune-up:

The Vehicle Stalls

If you notice your car stalling out on you when you're sitting at a red light, then that is an indication of the need for a tune-up. This indicates that the spark plugs may be worn out.

It's Getting Harder to Start

When your vehicle is getting harder to start, then this could mean you may have a problem in the ignition system or an electronic component.

It Runs Rough

When you are idling and the engine is rumbling roughly, then you know you're ready for a tune-up.

Your vehicle, when it's in good operating condition, is meant to run smoothly. It should start up without an issue and there shouldn't be any stalling going on. A finely tuned car will last longer and run better, giving you a better driving experience too. No one wants to be stalling while idling at a red light or have problems trying to start their car in the morning on the way to work. These are problems that can be easily solved with regular tune-ups.

Schedule Your Tune-Up Today

If you've noticed that your car is doing any of the things mentioned above, then it's time to contact your service centre and schedule an appointment for a tune-up. Or maybe you know that it's time because you have not had a tune-up in so many miles and you want to stay ahead of the problems. Either way, South Trail Kia is ready to help you with the process. Get in touch with us today to schedule your appointment!


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