Tire Lug Condition and Hydroplaning

Tire Lug Condition and Hydroplaning

The tires on your car or truck are actually complex devices that include discrete parts. The lugs are the parts of the tires that come into direct contact with roadways.

Lugs are the thick, chunky portions of the tire tread. Well-maintained lugs and the spaces between them provide traction and support to the tires. That said, lugs lose material after continued use. If they lose too much material, they may be prone to the dangers of hydroplaning.

Hydroplaning occurs during wet road conditions. On wet days, small films of water can build up under moving tires, resulting in a loss of control.

To avoid this, you should drive slowly during wet conditions. You should avoid using your cruise control in the rain, and you should also have your tires serviced when they show signs of wear.

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