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The Winter Tire Debate


The Winter Tire Debate

“Should I get Winter Tires?”
How many of you are wondering if you should get winter tires right now? We are here to answer your questions! Right away, we want to point out that winter tires are essential, especially on Alberta roads. In fact, as soon as the temperature drops below 7 C, winter tires are a must!
Why are winter tires essential?
The stopping distance of your vehicle will be 30-40% better with winter tires versus all-season, which will make a HUGE difference on snowy and icy roads. This will help to reduce accidents and keep you and others safe on winter roads. Winter tires have specific tread patterns that are designed to grip the snow and ice and then push away. This means with winter tires you’ll get great traction and won’t have to worry about losing control on the road or getting stuck in the snow!
But I have All-Season Tires!
All-season tires provide you with traction in a variety of conditions, they are great for summer or fall but do not excel in winter driving. Winter tires provide you with much better control in the snow and ice and in freezing temperatures. In Canada, it’s a given that the roads are going to be snow covered and slippery, so why take the risk with all-season?
But my vehicle has traction control and All-Wheel Drive so I don’t need winter tires! 
Traction control and All-Wheel drive are great compliments to all season tires but they do not replace them and in no way do they enhance your tire’s traction. Traction control simply limits your cars acceleration to stop your tires from spinning.
I don’t want to spend money on something I only use for a few months a year!
Winter tires are an investment. They will last you several years and by using winter tires, you save your summer tires from constantly needing to be replaced. Winter is harsh and driving on summer tires in the winter just means you will need to replace them more often.
Canadian winters are harsh and it’s a smart idea to take all the precautions necessary to make sure that you and your passengers are save! Get your winter tires today! 

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