Sorento, Sedona, and Sportage

Sorento, Sedona, and Sportage

Kia SUVs are renowned for their reliability, long-lasting durability, and excellent value. This makes the vehicles popular choices for buying new, but there's also a thriving used market out there with some excellent bargains for the savvy buyer.


But which used Kia SUV should you consider? There are three main contenders, each suitable for different needs.


1) Kia Sorento


As one of the best sellers in the seven-seat, third-row SUV market over recent years, there are plenty of Kia Sorento cars available used. The line received a major overhaul in 2019, but older models are still well worth considering.


Depending on the year and trim, you can expect a meaty 2.4L engine with plenty of power for everyday driving duties, although larger options are also available, providing up to 290 horsepower to take the Sorento into off-road performance territory.


As far as the interior goes, the Sorento is well equipped with infotainment technology, comfortable seating, and ample cargo space even with all seven seats in use.


All in all, the Sorento makes an ideal choice for larger families who need a powerful yet comfortable SUV for both daily duties and longer journeys.


2) Kia Sedona


The Kia Sedona moves up a class in size, providing a spacious passenger van packed with upmarket features at an attractive price.


Standard Sedona models are equipped with a powerful 3.3L engine producing 276 horsepower, which is more than enough to transport a full complement of passengers without stress or strain.


However, this generous specification doesn't mean the Sedona is a gas guzzler. With highly respectable figures of 12.7L / 100km for city driving and 10.1L / 100km on the highway, it won't cost you a fortune to carry your family around.


If you need a large but economical SUV to seat a whole family in spacious comfort, a used Sedona is a van to put on your test drive priority list.


3) Kia Sportage


At the other end of the size scale, the Kia Sportage is a compact crossover with a feature list that belies its modest size and affordable price.


The standard engine pumps out up to 181 horsepower, which really gives this smaller SUV plenty of juice for everyday use. The all-wheel drive has advanced handling enhancements including downhill descent control and a lock mode, while the 6-speed automatic transmission is optimized for smooth driving in even challenging conditions.


Lastly, the interior is well supplied with infotainment technology, based around a large 8" touchscreen in the front and an additional LCD screen in the second row.


The Sportage may not have the size of its larger Kia SUV cousins, but it's a comfortable drive for up to five passengers, and provides a real sense of fun.


Test Drive Our Used Kia SUVs in Calgary


Kia's deserved reputation for reliability and durability means that buying used will still get you an excellent SUV with plenty of life left in it. At South Trail Kia, we stock a huge range of used Kia SUVs to cover all family sizes and budgets. Call us now to arrange a test drive of any model in our used Kia SUV inventory.

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