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Signs Your Exhaust is Leaking


Signs Your Exhaust is Leaking

?Many people neglect to take notice that their exhaust is in need of repair. Many times, people don't even know the signs to look for. When it comes to your exhaust, damage can cause much more than just a little louder noise from your engine. You could also experience some pretty decreased fuel efficiency. There are some other issues that you can keep a look out for including:

  • Moisture weeping from the rear of your exhaust pipe. The trickle could be very slow, or you might notice a large amount come out just as your vehicle is started.
  • People driving behind you might be annoyed by the increase in smell coming from your vehicle.
  • A vibrating gas pedal is an issue to watch out for from inside of your cabin.

If you suspect that there is an issue going on with your vehicle's exhaust system, give us here at South Trail Kia a call today!



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