Planning Your Holiday Road Trip

Planning Your Holiday Road Trip

One of the responsibilities delegated to any driver is ensuring that the safety of a car is at its best before any journey. Whether your mission is your regular trip to work or upcountry, the safety of the car occupants is determined by the state of your car. South Trail Kia suggests that a heeding some of the following activities before a trip will step up the safety of you and your travelers during your trip.

Detailed car servicing
Service your car before your long journey. Make sure that all parts and essential vehicle components are checked. From the headlights to the tail lights, fluid levels and tire pressure; to ensure safe arrival to your destination.

Battery charge
The level of battery charge will save you from hurdles such as jump starting your car because it went low. The battery’s condition should also be assessed. With a good battery, you could save the day by helping a travel mate with a faulty one.

Stop by our Calgary service center for a quick fix of all these services before your journey.

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