New Kia Owner? Here's Why You Need Kia Protect!

New Kia Owner? Here's Why You Need Kia Protect!

As a new Kia owner, you want to ensure your vehicle is protected in every possible way. That's where Kia Protect coverage comes in. The Kia Protect program offers a range of coverage options that safeguard your investment and provide peace of mind on the road. This article will explore why you need Kia Protect Insurance, including dealership support, certified Kia mechanics, original parts, and comprehensive coverage. Discover the Kia Protect benefits and how it can enhance your ownership experience.


Why Go for Kia Protect Insurance?

One of the primary reasons to choose Kia Protect Insurance is that it offers comprehensive coverage for your vehicle. Whether protecting against unexpected mechanical breakdowns, safeguarding your vehicle's appearance, or providing coverage against theft, Kia appearance protection has you covered. By opting for Kia Protect, you can rest assured knowing that your investment is well-protected.


All Kia Dealers Serve You


When you choose Kia Protect Insurance, you can receive service support from any Kia dealership across Canada. This network of authorized Kia dealers ensures you can access quality repairs and assistance wherever you are. Should the need arise, you can rely on the expertise of certified Kia mechanics trained to maintain and repair your Kia vehicle to the highest standards.


Certified Kia Mechanics


Kia Protect Insurance comes with the benefit of certified Kia mechanics. These professionals have extensive knowledge and expertise in working with Kia vehicles, ensuring that any repairs or maintenance work performed on your vehicle meets Kia's rigorous standards. With certified Kia mechanics, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in capable hands.


Original Parts


When it comes to repairs, quality and longevity are crucial. With Kia Protect Insurance, you can be confident that only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts will be used for any repairs or replacements. OEM parts are specifically designed and manufactured for your Kia vehicle, guaranteeing the best fit, performance, and durability. Choosing Kia Protect ensures that your vehicle maintains its high-quality standards.


100% Supported by Kia Canada


Kia Protect Insurance is fully supported by Kia Canada, the official distributor of Kia vehicles in Canada. This support extends to service and repairs covered by Kia Protect, ensuring that you receive prompt and reliable assistance when needed. By choosing Kia Protect, you’re backed by the manufacturer's commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring a seamless ownership experience.


Kia Protect Coverage

Kia Protect offers a range of coverage options tailored to the specific needs of Kia owners. Let's look at some of the key coverage plans available.


Service Advantage


Service Advantage covers the cost of regular maintenance for a specified period or mileage, making it easier to keep up with scheduled services. This coverage ensures your Kia vehicle receives the necessary maintenance without additional financial burden.


Mechanical Breakdown


Mechanical Breakdown coverage offers protection against unexpected repairs due to mechanical failures. Whether it's engine issues, transmission problems, or electrical system failures, Kia Protect Insurance will cover the cost of repairs, saving you from unexpected expenses.


Appearance Protection


Appearance Protection protects your vehicle against the common hazards that can affect its appearance, such as road salt, bird droppings, tree sap, and fading due to UV exposure. This coverage ensures that your Kia vehicle maintains its pristine appearance for years.




Kia anti-theft coverage provides financial protection in the event of theft or total loss due to theft. This coverage includes reimbursement for the vehicle's value, ensuring that you can recover your investment in case of unfortunate circumstances.


MBP 5 Star Plus


Mechanical Breakdown Protection, MBP 5 Star Plus, is an extended warranty plan that covers major vehicle components beyond the standard warranty period. This plan offers peace of mind, knowing that extensive repairs and replacements are covered.


Excess Wear and Use


Excess Wear and Use coverage is particularly beneficial for those who opt for a lease agreement. This coverage protects you from additional costs associated with normal wear and tear on the vehicle during the lease period.


Loan Protection


Kia loan protection coverage is designed to provide financial security during unexpected life events such as disability, job loss, or death. This coverage can help protect your investment and ensure your loan obligations are met under challenging circumstances.


Vehicle Loss Privilege Program


The vehicle loss privilege Program provides an additional benefit in case of vehicle theft or total loss. Under this program, you may be eligible for a discount on purchasing or leasing a new Kia vehicle, allowing you to get back on the road quickly.


Additional Benefits


In addition to the coverage plans mentioned above, Kia Protect Insurance also offers additional benefits to enhance your ownership experience. These benefits may include roadside assistance, rental vehicle coverage, trip interruption coverage, and alternative transportation coverage, ensuring you are always protected and supported throughout your journey.


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