Making Sure Your Tires are in Good Working Order

Making Sure Your Tires are in Good Working Order

In order for your vehicle to be working well for you, you need good tires. In order to be able to tell if your tires are good, you have to check a couple of things. These two factors that you need to be aware of are the tire treads and tire pressure.

When it comes to the tread, you have to make sure that the treads are not worn out. If the treads are wearing thin, then it is time for you to get a new tire. One of the ways to know whether or not your treads are in good condition is by using a penny. The tread has to cover Lincoln's head.

For checking the air pressure on your tires, you need to know the recommended tire pressure. Then you have to check to see the actual pressure of your tires. If they are too low or too high, then it can cause damage to your tires as well as affect your driving.

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