Kia Telluride Concept SUV

Kia Telluride Concept SUV

Earlier this week, Kia Motors revealed their new concept SUV
at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Although out of
character for Kia, this hybrid, electric, all-wheel-drive Telluride is quite
the sight.


  • Three-row seven-passenger seating

  • Sensors embedded on the seat backs capture the
    passengers’ vital health information and are displayed on panels

  • A Light Emitted Rejuvenation System that activates
    if the passenger has low energy levels

  • Harman Kardon audio system

  • V6 engine and an electric motor

  • Kia’s first use of 3D-printed components for the
    dashboard, door panels and steering wheel.


Kia pointed out that this particular SUV would not come to
production in the near future, but stated they are planning on adding a premium
large SUV to their lineup eventually.

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