Kia Sorento Can (Probably) Prevent an Alien Abduction

Kia Sorento Can (Probably) Prevent an Alien Abduction

A few days ago, extraterrestrial enthusiasts celebrated "UFO Day" and eyes all over the world looked skywards for any trace of evidence that we are not alone in the universe. No matter your beliefs, it's at least an enjoyable thought, and one at the center of the latest social media post from Kia. While the post encourages drivers to keep the panoramic sunroof of the new Kia Sorento closed to prevent abduction, any X-Files will know that this isn’t necessarily the case. Plus, closing the sunroof means having a worse view of the gorgeous night sky.

While the sunroof of the new Sorento is large enough for someone to get abducted through, drivers shouldn’t see this as any kind of serious risk and should instead choose to embrace this excellent feature.

Not only does the new Kia Sorento offer a great view of the night sky, but it is a capable and rugged adventurer, ready to carry you forth on the adventures of your future. From Calgary to Airdrie, Langdon, Chestermere, and beyond, drivers can experience the exciting advantages of this new Kia SUV by coming to South Trail Kia.

If you'd like to experience this thrilling SUV model firsthand, browse our new Kia listings, and then come see our team and we'll arrange a test drive. After discussing finance options, we'll ensure that you're ready for a more adventurous and exciting automotive future, and explain that we're fairly certain you won't get abducted by extraterrestrial life forms.

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