Kia Hybrid and EV Models and their Features

Kia Hybrid and EV Models and their Features

Kia is known for its modern, compact cars featuring an irresistible blend of value, comfort, and the latest in technology. Nowhere is this truer than with their hybrid and electric models, which bring low emissions and high economy at an attractive price.


Which are the Kia hybrid and EV models to look out for if you're in the market for a new, eco-friendly car? There are four current options, with the range including three cars based on the Kia Niro and one on the Kia Soul.


1) Kia Niro



The Kia Niro is a subcompact crossover-hybrid that delivers both efficiency and everyday performance.


It's based around a 1.6L 4-cylinder gas engine delivering 103 horsepower, working together with an electric motor delivering 43 horsepower. Together, they produce a respectable 139 horsepower which is passed through a six-speed dual-clutch transmission to front-wheel drive.


The advantages of this hybrid setup can be seen in the Niro's fuel economy figures, offering a highly attractive 4.6L / 100km for city driving and 5.1L / 100km on the highway.


However, lowering your emissions doesn't need to mean sacrificing comfort. The Niro continues the Kia tradition of providing excellent interior features for its price bracket, making this a car that's a pleasure to drive.


2) Kia Niro PHEV



The second Niro is the PHEV, which takes the standard hybrid option and adds plug-in charging and the ability to travel in pure electric mode. Although the range isn't huge at 41km in pure EV, the two motors in combination produce a range of 900km, more than enough to remove range anxiety from daily driving life.


3) Kia Niro EV



The final model in the Niro range is a pure EV, removing the gasoline engine entirely. The Niro EV steps up the power in the process, delivering 201 horsepower with 291lb-ft of torque, making this one of the most exciting electric cars on the market to drive.


With a pure EV, charging times and range are vital features to look for, and the Niro EV performs well. A full charge can deliver up to 384km of range, and it takes just 75 minutes to charge the battery to an efficient 80%. What's more, a quick recharge lasting for 160km takes just 30 minutes.


4) Kia Soul EV



The Soul EV was Kia's first pure electric car and is based on the regular gasoline version of the Soul. As a spacious SUV, the Soul is suited to everyday driving for families, and its relatively limited range of around 150km means this is a car best used for short city journeys rather than longer trips.


It's under these conditions that its energy consumption of just 1.9L / 100km shines through, making it a highly economical car for daily use.


Comfort is also a strong point of the Soul EV, as it's the best equipped car in the Soul range, with the higher trims offering features including a range-enhancing climate control system, parking sensors, heated power mirrors and more.


Test Drive Kia Hybrids in Calgary


Whether you're looking for an EV for smooth-driving daily use or a hybrid to lower fuel costs, contact us to book a test drive of any Kia model to see which is right for you.

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