How to Take an Inexpensive Road Trip

How to Take an Inexpensive Road Trip

Our team at South Trail Kia has some tips to keep your next road trip inexpensive and fun! Whether you choose a cross-country trip or a weekend staycation in our town, there are many things you can do here to make sure you spend less money and have the maximum amount of fun.

Visiting the grocery store will help you stay within a budget and limit the high costs of buying food along the way. You can also keep your gas prices to a minimum by researching the best places to get gas before you leave on your trip.

A good plan for your vehicle breaking down is essential to make sure you don't have to spend a lot of money on repairs. Get your vehicle serviced prior to your trip and make sure your roadside assistance plan is current. You can also organize an emergency kit for your vehicle, so you are prepared with water and blankets if you have to wait.



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