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How to Stay Safe in an Emergency


How to Stay Safe in an Emergency

When you are stranded by the side of the road, you will want to have a blanket, flashlight and first-aid kit available. You will also want to have any materials needed to jump your car or change a tire. If a tire is damaged, being able to seal a puncture or check the pressure can determine if you can drive for help or need a tow truck.

Roadside flares or reflectors can make you visible to those who may be driving in your direction. It can also warn oncoming traffic that your vehicle is disabled, which means that other drivers will need to change lanes.

Bring your vehicle to South Trail Kia in Calgary anytime that you think it needs service. Whether you have a flat tire, your car struggles to start or the vehicle doesn't ride smoothly, a professional can diagnose and fix the car's problem for you.



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