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Get the Right Kia Parts to Make Sure Your Repair Sticks


Get the Right Kia Parts to Make Sure Your Repair Sticks

You hear that sound? That's the sound of your wheel bearing asking to be replaced. So when you go to do the work yourself, are you going to rely on an aftermarket wheel bearing? Or are you going to rely on a high quality wheel bearing from the Parts Centre here at South Trail Kia in Calgary?

Here's why you should consider using genuine Kia parts for all of your at home repairs: genuine Kia parts differ from aftermarket parts because genuine parts are straight from Kia. That means that they're Kia quality, and specifically built to fit your vehicle. Higher quality parts are longer lasting parts, and longer lasting parts translate to fewer repairs... which means you save money.

So when you get ready to replace that worn out wheel bearing, make sure you're using a genuine Kia part to do it. Fill out our online Parts Request form, and we'll get you the part you need as soon as possible. Don't forget to save even more by using one of our Parts Specials!

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