Federal and Provincial EV incentives

Federal and Provincial EV incentives

When buying an electric vehicle in Alberta, you have many great options. If you have been thinking about pursuing such a purchase, now is a perfect time to take the leap and do so. Kia electric vehicles are ideal ones to choose.


The popularity of going electric, it is vital for Federal and Provincial authorities to give electric vehicles a boost by making them easier to get. When electric vehicles are more accessible, they will have larger numbers of people wanting to drive them. Of course, as more people drive electric vehicles, there will be a better environment with less pollution in the air.


How do federal authorities get involved with helping promote EVs? How can they boost electric car ownership? They can encourage people to drive these cars by creating incentives, which is just what they have done. Let's take a look.


One thing that you might be thinking about if you're considering getting an electric vehicle is charging it. That is an important part of owning an EV. If you think this will be a problem to deal with, don't worry because the authorities made plans to address this as an incentive.


One way the City of Calgary is dealing with making charging easier for people who own EVs is to create more charging stations and put them around the area for better access. Canada has over 140,000 stations now. This allows you to travel around the area without worrying about recharging.


The Government of Canada created two additional incentives in May 2019 that is an encouragement for people to purchase EVs. These incentives are directly for people who purchase a zero-emissions vehicle. These are as follows:


  • People who purchase battery-electric, hydrogen fuel cell, and longer-range plug-in hybrid vehicles can receive a $5,000 incentive.
  • People who purchase a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle are eligible for $2,500.


These EV rebates will help more people want to purchase an electric vehicle.


Some of the reasons people may be inspired to purchase an electric vehicle are built right into the car. For example, electric vehicles don't cost much more than gasoline vehicles. Yet the savings are astronomical. You won't have to pay for gasoline, oil changes, or spark plugs. There is less overall maintenance to do on an electric car.


As the world begins to turn to electric vehicles, now is a great time to get in on the incentives and cash in on the savings.


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