Enhance Engine Performance by Implementing Cleaning Procedures

Enhance Engine Performance by Implementing Cleaning Procedures

All components within an engine work together in order to power a vehicle along a road. If dirt clogs vital parts of an engine, performance will suffer. To maintain proper horsepower, speed, and torque, you'll need to clean your engine, and you can complete this job by following a few simple steps.

Always begin an engine cleaning project on a warm, pleasant day. If it's windy or hot outside, postpone the project because these weather conditions can cause problems during the job. Next, ensure that your engine is cool by carefully touching its surfaces. Typically, after a short or long trip, an engine will hold heat for around 15 minutes. To prepare the engine for a degreaser, remove all of its plastic parts and electrical components. Then, start the cleaning process by spraying your degreaser on the engine. Let it dissolve the grime for several minutes before rinsing the engine with water.

You can achieve professional results quicker by servicing your engine at South Trail Kia in Calgary, AB. We use commercial-grade degreasers and professional techniques to enhance engines that power cars, trucks, and SUVs.

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