Do Winter Tires Actually Save Money?

Do Winter Tires Actually Save Money?

With winter right around the corner, it's the perfect time to think about maintaining your vehicle. There are many ways to ensure your ride stays in stellar shape over the various seasons. Some people care for their vehicle through the cold, winter months by changing to snow tires. With the frigid temperatures in Calgary, Alberta and all the snow, these snow tires are certainly something to consider. Some may wonder --Do they actually save money, though? Let's take a look at whether spending money on a new set of tires is important in Calgary, Alberta.


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How are Winter Tires Different?


They're called winter tires, but how are they different? For one thing, they are constructed differently so that you'll have better traction on snowy, icy roads. When the roads become covered with snow, you'll want tires that are prepared to plow through it without a problem. One of the unique features they have is a deeper tire tread than your summer and spring tires. A deeper tread allows you to get a better grip on the snow; otherwise, your tires just keep spinning around in circles.


Winter tires are also made of a unique rubber that doesn't stiffen up when the cold temperatures strike. Instead, they remain pliable, allowing you to continue gripping the road.


Finally, winter tires have a zig-zagged edge around them, which also allows for better traction and control in difficult road conditions.


All of these factors make winter tires different from regular tires. But again, will they actually save you money, though? If so, then you definitely want to purchase some before the snowfall begins to get heavy.


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Why Get Winter Tires?


There are three important reasons to opt for winter tires:


  1. Saves You Money


You may save money with winter tires by being safe on the highway and not getting in an accident. Of course, accidents will cost you money and time.


Another issue is you may wear out the regular tires by using them in bad weather conditions. Also, if you're continually pushing your brakes due to not having the proper tires, you may wear out your brakes sooner than normal.


Finally, some insurance companies will give a discount if you have winter tires. Check with your insurance provider for more information.


  1. Keeps Your Vehicle Better Maintained


Your tires won't get as much wear and tear because you'll only be using them for part of the year, then you'll switch back to your regular tires. So overall, your vehicle is better maintained. Your tires will hold up longer.


  1. Helps Prevent Accidents


Winter tires can grip the ground more securely. When you apply the brake, you'll have a much better chance of stopping safely instead of skidding into another car. Even a small fender bender can do a lot of damage to your car, resulting in money spent on repairs.


There are several reasons why securing snow tires in Calgary is a wise move. Stop on by South Trail Kia for more details on getting new winter tires today.

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