Conquer Winter Weather with a Confident Kia

Conquer Winter Weather with a Confident Kia

There is no doubt that for drivers throughout the Calgary, AB area, the winter can pose a variety of challenges to every drive or outing. Even the simplest and fastest of trips can be slowed by the weather, so being in command of a capable SUV is one way for drivers to combat the often grueling conditions. The new Kia SUV models like the Sorento and Sportage offer available all-wheel drive and when equipped, these vehicles can take on challenges previously thought insurmountable.

Don't believe us? Take a look at the video below and prepare to be impressed.

If you've ever been on a slow-moving chairlift, you'll immediately see some impressive benefits to the performance in the video, and may feel some slight pangs of envy in seeing the SUVs pass the chairlifts in the video. But this is the impressive nature of Kia SUVs, constantly dropping the jaw of drivers, passengers, and passersby alike.

To learn more about the incredible offerings of Kia SUVs, or any other new Kia models, come and test drive those that appeal to you most at South Trail Kia. We'll help you find the perfect vehicle for a more confident future and in no time you'll be setting out in command of an exceptional vehicle, ready for the roads ahead.

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