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Compact Spare Tires Require Extra Care


Compact Spare Tires Require Extra Care

Today, autos can have a full size or compact spare tire. The difference is that full-size spares ride like standard tires, and drivers can operate their vehicles as usual. Compact tires have limits. Drivers must reduce speeds and use care when steering and turning.

Calgary-area drivers know that compact spares do not drive or feel like regular tires. The manufacturer intends compact spares to be a temporary tire that can help the vehicle reach home or a repair facility. The automakers do not intend the "donut" tire as a long-term tire replacement.

At South Trail Kia, we want every driver to be safe on the roadway and ride on quality tires that are in good condition. Please call us when you need to repair or replace one or more tires. We offer high-quality replacements that meet or exceed your manufacturer's requirements. Please call or drop by our location today.



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