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Climate Temperatures and Vehicle Batteries


Climate Temperatures and Vehicle Batteries

The acid content in batteries fluctuates in extremely cold or hot weather. In the winter, the capacity may drop by 20 percent or more, depending on the temperature. During the sweltering summer months, the capacity of battery acid increases. However, in either scenario, the different reduces the life of the battery despite the length of time the battery should last.

Many motorists have endured the unpleasant experience of having a battery fail to crank the engine during winter. The problem lies in the reduced acid capacity along with energy needed to start the vehicle, run the HVAC system and the entertainment accessories. Even a new battery suffers strain under extreme climate conditions. Vehicle owners reduce the risk by installing batteries with high cranking amps and ensuring that engine oil has sufficient viscosity for cold weather. When starting problems arise, contact our experienced technicians at the South Trail Kia garage for assistance.



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