Exploring Calgary's 6 Best Road Trip Destinations in Your Kia Car

Exploring Calgary's 6 Best Road Trip Destinations in Your Kia Car

There’s nothing more fun than a road trip when you have a reliable car to depend on. So this year, explore some of the most travel places in Calgary with your Kia and spend time with your loved ones like never before.


Here are the best road trip destinations in Calgary to enjoy with your Kia!


Black Diamond and Turner Valley


Driving Time: 53 minutes

Distance from Calgary: 66.8 km

About: The Black Diamond and Turner Valleys are between rolling hills and deliver exceptional scenic beauty. This lively place has various adventures to explore along with shopping, eating and dining experiences.


Blackfoot Crossing


Driving Time: 1 hr 24 minutes

Distance from Calgary: 117 km

About: Blackfoot Crossing is a historical park rich in the Blackfoot people’s cultural tradition. A 62,000-square-foot building with various exhibits is nestled in the middle of the park.




Driving Time: 1 hr 50 mins

Distance from Calgary: 139 km

About: If you’re keen on witnessing the Canadian Rockies, Queenstown is the place to be. With skiing activities, different cuisines, and scenic beauty, this is an excellent place for your next road trip. 


Mountains of East Kootenay


Driving Time: 3 hrs 37 minutes 

Distance from Calgary: 275.2 km

About: The district of East Kootenay is a large, diverse area. It features glacial scenery, diverse wildlife, rivers, dense forests, hot springs, lakes, and open meadows, all perfect for your road trip. 


Calgary to Lake Louise 


Driving Time: 2 hrs 5 minutes

Distance from Calgary: 180 km

About: You can visit Lake Louise all year round, making it ideal for a road trip destination. It has the backdrop of Mount Victoria with a hanging glacier that’s scenic and beautiful. It’s also home to Banff National Park, an excellent place for outdoor lovers.


Boomtown Trail 


Driving Time: 1 hr 35 mins

Distance from Calgary: 150.9 km

About: Boomtown Trail is a popular tourist destination in Alberta known for ranches, hunting, historical significance and natural beauty.


The Benefits of Going With Kia Car on Your Trip


Reliable Performance


Kia cars are known to deliver top performance, no matter the driving conditions or the distance. It is one of the most reliable vehicles for a long journey and will not cause any problems.


Advanced Safety Systems


Kia has some of the best safety systems in all its cars. You get features such as lane-keeping assist and lane departure warning that help keep you focused on the road.


Service Available in all Areas


Kia has service stations available in almost all areas. So if you have any roadside trouble, you will have help within minutes. 


Comfortable And Efficient


One of the most significant requirements for a road trip is comfort, and that’s precisely what the Kia provides. You can enjoy the comfortable interiors and convenience features that will help make your journey better. 


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