Cabin & Engine Air Filters

Cabin & Engine Air Filters

All of the air filters in both cabin and engine of the car all perform a specific duty. These air filters keep unwanted contaminants from negatively impacting the quality of the air in your ride.

Passenger cabin air filters have the ability to reduce the amount of pollen, mold spores, and other allergens, from getting inside the car when the heat or air conditioning are running. If these filters were dirty, those contaminants can dramatically impact the quality of the car's interior air.

Engine air filters work hard to keep dirt and dust from getting into the car's engine. If the filters get too dirty and they block the normal flow of air, the vehicle engine will have an extremely challenging time running or being able to accelerate your vehicle.

Schedule your vehicle's engine tune-up today so the team at South Trail Kia can inspect and replace all the air filters inside of the car.


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