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Back to School Auto Maintenance Steps


Back to School Auto Maintenance Steps

The back to school season is busy; it's filled with tasks, activities, school obligations, work, and errands. The busy times put demands on the family vehicles. When an older child drives off to college, then he or she may have to take on car maintenance for the first time. Basic maintenance is essential to keeping a vehicle in good operating condition.

Calgary drivers know that it is essential to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance including oil changes, tire rotation, and engine fluids. You should prepare for the cold weather seasons by adding jumper cables, flashlights, blankets, and snow tools.

At South Trail Kia, we offer tips for back to school seasonal maintenance. We provide professional auto care for every season. We perform primary care, and any particular tasks your vehicle may need. We offer systems analysis, safety inspections, replacement parts, and repairs. Please call for an appointment or drop by today.



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