Apply Touch Up Paint to Your Vehicle

Apply Touch Up Paint to Your Vehicle

As you begin the process of applying touch up paint to your car, you need to ensure that the area doesn't have any rust and that it's clean. You're going to apply a primer to the vehicle before adding the basecoat. The basecoat will be the color that you purchased from South Trail Kia or at an automotive store that will match your vehicle.

You'll want to apply a few layers of the paint to your vehicle until it's the shade that matches. Let each layer dry before adding another. After you've achieved the correct color, you can apply a clear coat. This will help lock in the paint so that it doesn't come off as easily. It will also give the paint a nice shine.

After a few days, examine the paint that you applied to your vehicle. Make any adjustments, getting more paint if you don't see the desired shade. You can also apply a rubbing compound that will make the area smooth.



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