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2 Crucial Tips to Avoid Hydroplaning


2 Crucial Tips to Avoid Hydroplaning

Taking important safety measures to prevent hydroplaning helps keep you and others safer on the road. Hydroplaning occurs when your vehicle can't push the incoming water from rain away fast enough. It can happen without warning and take away your ability to brake or steer, making it extremely dangerous not only to you but others on the road. Two crucial tips to follow for reducing your risk of hydroplaning are regularly rotating your tires and using high quality tires.

Regardless of whether or not your tires show signs of wear, you need to rotate them every 3,000-5,000 miles to decrease your risk of hydroplaning. Imbalanced tires have a more difficult time steadying the vehicle in the rain. Rotating the tires every 3,000-5,000 helps ensure they stay balanced. Tires is one car part you don't want to settle for low quality options on. Never drive on bald tires either. They need to be immediately replaced if they have gone bald. Worn or low quality tires increase your risk of hydroplaning.

Following the advice above greatly reduces the chance your vehicle will hydroplane in wet conditions. Remember that it's not just your life at risk when you lose the ability to brake or steer the vehicle. Feel free to contact us at South Trail Kia if you have any questions about your vehicle or if it's in need of servicing.



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