2019 Kia Rio vs 2019 Honda Fit

2019 Kia Rio vs 2019 Honda Fit

Subcompact cars are an ideal choice for people who want a high-quality drive, but at a low cost and impressive fuel economy. One of the most popular options in this class is the Honda Fit, but it's a market that Kia has got firmly in their sights.

The 2019 Kia Rio aims to offer the most features for the best value, in both its sedan and hatchback versions. But how does it stack up against the hatchback-only Honda?

Engine and Transmission

There's not a lot to choose between the engines of the two cars. As standard, the Rio offers a 1.6L engine producing 130hp at 6,3000rpm, while the Fit's 1.6L engine produces 130hp at 6,600rpm.

Both cars offer 6-speed manual transmission as standard, with the option to upgrade to automatic.

Fuel Economy

As you'd expect with such similar engines, the cars offer almost identical fuel economy. The Honda Fit has a very slight advantage in city driving, offering 8.1L per 100km compared to Rio's 8.3L/100km.

However, the tables are turned on the highway with the Rio enjoying an advantage at 6.4L/100km compared to the Fit's 6.6L/100km.

The highway suitability of the Rio is confirmed by its larger fuel capacity of 45L compared to the Fit's 40L, making for longer journeys without fill-ups.

Safety Features

As is common in Kia models, the base trim offers a solid set of safety features without pushing too far into expensive active tech. In comparison, the base Honda offers a few extras, but at a higher price.

Nonetheless, the Kia offers as standard:

  • ABS on all wheels with brake assist system.
  • Driveline traction control.
  • Electronic stability system.
  • Driver and passenger front and side impact airbags.
  • Overhead airbags for first and second rows.

As you move up the Kia range, the extra features match up to the Honda while the Kia keeps hold of its lead in value.

Both models are awarded a 5-star safety rating by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Infotainment and Comfort Options

Kia has built a reputation for providing greater interior comfort than you'd expect for the price, and the Rio lives up to expectations. Features offered as standard include:

  • Single primary and dual first row LCD monitors.
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity.
  • Steering wheel mounted audio controls.
  • Power windows with one-touch up and down.

Standard Warranties

The Honda features a standard warranty of 36 months or 60,000km, whichever comes first. This is adequate if not particularly impressive.

In contrast, the Kia Rio provides standard coverage of 60 months or 100,000km bumper-to-bumper, with roadside assistance included. For even greater peace of mind, the Kia Rio regularly places in the top three ranks of small car reliability lists.

In such a competitive entry-level market, it's no surprise that the two cars are very closely matched in most areas. However, the 2019 Rio continues the Kia tradition of great value, high comfort, and a solid sense of quality. For more details, or to arrange a test drive of the 2019 Kia Rio in Calgary, please visit our contact us page.