The Effects of Extreme Temperatures on Automobile Batteries

If your vehicle's battery is damaged, it could influence the entire performance of the car. When a car battery is used outside a certain temperature range, the chances of battery failure will significantly increase. However, there are ways to protect your vehicle's battery from extreme temperatures.

The best way to protect your vehicle's battery during the winter is to make certain the battery is always charged. If a battery is weak, it may begin to freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. However, a fully charged battery will not begin to freeze until temperatures reach about 76 degrees below Fahrenheit. During the summer, extreme heat can cause electrolyte evaporation, so you should keep an eye on the electrolyte during the summer. When the electrolyte begins to drop, you can remedy the issue before it becomes a serious problem.

However, corrosion and weak battery connections can also cause problems in extreme temperatures, so you should have your battery inspected regularly. If you need to have your battery inspected, stop by South Trail Kia.

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